January 31, 2012
January 22, 2012

The three deadliest words in the world: It’s a Girl!

Misogynistic Gendercide is the single most brutal problem in the world today; it is the single most violent and widespread form of genocide in the history of the world.

(Source: itsagirlmovie.com)

January 10, 2012

Meet Mitri Raheb - The Pastors of the Middle East (1)

December 20, 2011

"Most Zionists don’t believe God exists, but they do believe that He promised them Palestine."

Ilan Pappe recently lectured in Berlin on the Secular Dimensions of the Zionist Project .

(Source: youtube.com)

December 8, 2011

View an excellent video interview with Nurit Peled-Elhanan, Lecturer in Language Education at the Hebrew University. In this in-depth exposé of the Israeli educational system, she explains at length how dehumanizing methods and content appear at every turn on her foray through state-approved textbooks.

Also, read the piece the Guardian did on her work. Here’s an article that she wrote concerning the racist nature of the legal system vis-a-vis the Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories.

Orders for her forthcoming book.

Thanks to palestinetoday for posting this. Source: AlternateFocus

May 9, 2011

Interview with Kevin Miller - Co-Writer of "With God On Our Side" from Porter Speakman Jr on Vimeo.

Interview with Kevin Miller - Co-Writer of “With God On Our Side”

July 26, 2010

Zochrot: Remembering the Nakba

Zochrot is a Jewish organization that focuses on documenting the Nakba and working for the Right of Return for Palestinians. In Hebrew, Zochrot is the plural feminine form of “Remembering.” It’a a fitting name for an organization that was founded and is mainly staffed by Jewish women.

Zochrot blog: www.hrhlolita.blogspot.com Website: http://www.zochrot.org

Thanks to PalestineToday for posting this.

September 8, 2009
If man does find the solution for world peace it will be the most revolutionary reversal of his record we have ever known.
George C. Marshall US general (1880 - 1959)
August 7, 2009

Salam Blogging

Just getting my Salam blog going - finally.  What is a Salam blog?  How is it different from other blogs?  Good questions.  I hope to answer them in time and over the course of the life of this blog.  But here’s a quick go at it: a Salam blog is a forum portal for the necessary ingredients of Salam/Shalom to flow in multiple directions.

One of those necessary ingredients is wisdom in the face of pressure.  The pressure to which I am referring is that of expectations and (at times worse) pre-expectations. This, I’m sure, is well-known.  Perhaps by describing it more in detail, though, it might be examined a bit more thoroughly.

Here’s to hoping so.